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Howard’s Handyman

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No job is to small! We do it all.

Dryer vent cleaning to expert painting.

We do plumbing and electrical work as well.

Hourly rates available.

Our Services

Our Services


General Repairs

Got something you need fixing up? No worries! We have a lot of experience handling all sorts of general repairs. No matter what the project is, as long as it’s broken, we can fix it up for you, good as new.
Tile & Stone
Got a cracked stone or tile floor that needs some fixing up? We can help you get this fixed right up.
Doors & Windows
Damaged doors and windows are something that you should never take your chances with. Call us up and we can get this fixed right away.
Mold & Water Damaage
Mold and water damage can cause some serious health issue if left unattended. We can get this fixed up in no time.
Wall & Floor
Damage to your walls and floors don’t look too great for your home and can actually be quite dangerous. Call us today and we can get started on fixing that up for you.

Residential Services

We always want our homes to be in as best shape as possible. No matter what job you need doing around your home, we can help you make sure that your home is kept in great condition with our residential services.
All surfaces experience some form of wear and tear over time. Let us help you get your home’s surfaces looking like new again with our resurfacing services.
Leaks are never a fun thing to deal with inside or outside your home. We can help you patch up any of these issues with our extensive sealing services.
If left unattended, leaky pipes and faucets can cause a number of issues, like mold and water damage which can end up costing you quite a pretty penny. Make sure that you resolve these issues before they get any worse with our residential plumbing services.

Corporate Services

We know that you are busy running your properties. We want to make upkeep and repairs as easy as possible. Let us do all of the maintenance for your facility to free up your time to do the things you do best. 

Commercial Carpentry
Looking for someone to handle some general carpentry around the office? Reach out to us to learn more about our commercial carpentry services.
Restroom Repair
Restrooms are an integral part of any company, and if these break down for any number of reasons for even a few hours, it can cause a lot of problems for employees. We can help you avoid this from happening with our restroom repair services.
Painting Services
Painting an entire office can be too much to handle on top of other office responsibilities. Call in the big guns with our painting services.
General Repairs
We can handle any repair. Just let us know what you need and we will get back to you ASAP! Feel good knowing that we are on your team and the repair is going to get finished.
Emergency Services
Did something happen and you need it fixed ASAP? Give us a call and we will come out and solve the problem. We are fast, discrete, and our quality is superior.



“Tim has done quite a few projects in my home. He first repaired water damage by addressing the issue on the outside of my home. He then repaired the interior drywall and ceiling damage to the point it is undetectable. His painting skills are first rate. Tim did a fine job installing laminate flooring and a beautiful wood accent wall. I would recommend Tim’s work to anyone looking for a nice top quality result!”

David Kegley

“I was surprised at how many things that Tim did at a professional level. He is truly a craftsman! I am so pleased with all the work he has done for me, I would reccomend him to anyone who needed any type of work done. He is a man of integrity. You just don’t find that in contractors anymore. Thank you Tim!”

Dorethy Helton

“Tim was very prompt and informative gave me suggestions and warnings about fire hazard that I did not know about my dryer when he fixed it. My sliding glass door is now keeping the cold out and the warm in. He did a wonderful job. I would hire him again. “

Jody McInosh


I don't email often but when I do it is worth it!